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From:NINGBO UNIVERSAL TOOLS CO.,LTD     Release time:2019-09-24

Overview:TAPEMAN brand introduction

Tapeman is a middle and high-end brand owned by Ningbo Universal Tools Co., Ltd. The packing style is mainly black and gold color with technological details. Mainly used in daily life as a professional kit (tapes include PVC insulation tape, duct tape, BOPP packing tape, masking tape, lint roller and acrylic tape).

The original purpose of this brand is to provide each customer, company and family with a well-matched one stop tape solution kit. Tapes has become an indispensable consumable in our life, whether in the process of work or study, or in the home decoration, BOPP packing tape, PVC insulation tape Masking tape and other tapes are necessities. We believe that our design of this professional kit will bring a new experience for customers.

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